Words of Affirmations


She was amazing. This reading helped me with unanswered questions that a guy I was seeing left me. But now I can go on with my life knowing that it wasn't anything I or did.


Thank you so much for our Reiki session today. I feel so blessed to experience that moment with you. I have been feeling kind of stuck lately and the awareness you brought me as far as blockages and focuses really gave me security that everything will be alright as long as I continue to do the work and be patient with the process.


I am so grateful for my Reiki Session with Dopamine. I fully trusted her during the session and felt completely relaxed, at peace and comfortable with her. The message at the end resonated with me and got me ALL the way together! I definitely released and cried afterwards and got the confirmation I needed to make some changes. She is on point and on time with her messages.


Oracle Reading was amazing, accurate, honest, gentle, and kind. Gave it to me straight in a compassionate way. Picked up on things about my POI that I didn't mention.


MY LIL WORLD WENT UPSIDE DOWN. I lost my condo. I lost my job. I went into a deep ass depression, then I kept hearing your words and you rereading me my reading over and over and that pushed me to get my ass up and WORK MY ASS OFF. I'll be moving into my new place (and its bigger). My business is thriving. YOU TOLD ME 18! This all fell into place 18 days after the reading I swear. YOU AMAZE ME!